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1. Overall management and coordination

  • Develop yearly, and quarterly objectives and action plans and initiate new ideas to build up IvyPrep Education a premier one-stop-shop college-preparatory campus with English immersion, skill-based learning, and blended learning model;
  • Coordinate all related parties at campuses and headquarter to achieve campuses’ yearly and quarterly objectives and action plans and IvyPrep Education’s vision;
  • On headquarter level: be in charge and work closely with relating departments/ other partners on product development, policy, teacher recruitment, and new initiatives;
  • On-campus level: coordinate closely with Campus Manager on P&L management, sales forecast and direction, and academic outreach. Consult academic coordinators, academic associates, and teachers to ensure excellent academic quality, superb student care, and a vibrant educational community. Provide coaching and ad-hoc training to ACs, and teachers. Develop ad-hoc product and curriculum for specific needs of campus;

2. Educational community development

  • Teacher community: Develop a vibrant, inspiring, and caring community of teachers at the campus through daily professional manner, check-in, and enrichment activities;
  • Student community: Develop an engaging, educational, and inspiring community of students and parents through extra-curricular activities, daily student care, and regular check-in;

3. Overall Academic quality and customer service

  • Development of teaching/learning materials (student manuals, teacher guides) to publication stage
  • Development of assessment tools (examinations, tests, assignments)
  • Reviewing, proofreading, and editing teaching and learning materials, including assessments
  • Program training to teaching and administrative staff at approved teaching centers
  • Liaising with university admissions departments and staff
  • Coordinate Academic Coordinators(ACs) to perform class care procedure
  • Utilize technology platform to increase productivity, proper documentation and report to make data-informed decisions
  • Coordinate timely availability of all study materials [books, tapes, printed materials], in line with teacher requirements & course syllabus.
  • Coordinate and assist in administering and grading periodic exams.
  • Work closely with academic coordinators, associates, and teaching assistants and, teachers to monitor the progress of students, and regularly report performance back to students and/or parents
  • Ensure daily queries from students and parents are attended to and/or properly escalated.
  • Initiate teacher performance appraisals with each class, coordinate and report results to management & provide suggestions for improvement, where required to ensure the highest level of teaching quality.


  • **Experience requirements
  • For ESL position: At least 5 years of successful teaching IELTS/ TOEFL and SAT experience
  • For K-12 & IGS position: At least 5 years of successful teaching experience in K-12 international curriculum.
  • At least 02-year experience in Academic Management
  • Experience in working with international students and teachers
  • Development of teaching/learning materials (student manuals, teacher guides) to publication stage
  • Development of assessment tools (examinations, tests, assignments)
  • Experience in liaising with school admissions staff
  • **Professional background and interpersonal skills
  • At least Bachelor’s degree in English Language or TESOL
  • Master’s degree in Education or TESOL or Applied Linguistics preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of language teaching and learning principles, pedagogy, and practices and their application in the development of materials and resources
  • Exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Good communicative, organizational, and problem-solving skills
  • Strong computer skills including MS Office
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, projects and deliver against tight deadlines
  • Good leadership and a sense of judgment
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, and flexible