Talent Acquisition Executive

Recruitment Information

Job Description

– Prepare monthly/quarterly/yearly financial statements and business results reports.
– Check and control the implementation of the closing process of the accountants.
– Keep track of payables and receivable accounts.
– Guidance on handling and accounting of accounting operations.
– Set up the funds according to the plan.
– Allocate common expenses and financial expenses according to reasonable criteria.
– Analyze and explain the large and unusual fluctuations of the criteria on the financial statements between this month and the previous month and with the approved plan.
– Make appropriate closing entries and adjustment entries (if any).
– Collecting and synthesizing accounting data when required.
– Prepare financial statements, business results reports by department according to the closing process.
– Explain data and provide records and data for internal departments, audits, consultants, etc. upon request.
– Set up and monitor the use and settlement of funds according to the Company’s annual policy.
– Provide financial information for management analysis department, Marketing department and related departments.
– Coordinate monthly/yearly financial statements review (provide documents and explanations; give feedback; handle outstanding issues…).
– Propose, draft or coordinate with other departments to develop/update control processes at the request of the Chief Accountant.
– Perform other tasks as assigned or authorized by CFO.


– Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in related majors.
– Valid certificate of English competence, equivalent IELTS 6.5.

– At least 02 years of experience in the same position or same field.

-Strong abilities in written and spoken English.
– Good communication skills (both in Vietnamese and English).
– Have good computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
– Good work ethics, be proactive and highly responsible.